Benefits for Companies

Is your company joining the blue wave?

Monday an important meeting in Ghent. Tuesday home-office. Wednesday visitors from the Brussels periphery. Thursday lunch meeting with a potential client in Mechelen. Friday a conference in the centre of Antwerp. Your employees are, just like your company, constantly on the move.

And where possible, they like to move around in a sustainable way. The train, tram or bus are then the most obvious options. To make last-mile travel as smooth as possible, Blue-bike offers shared bicycles at more than 120 locations in Belgium. Our blue bicycles bring colour to the streets around train stations, bus stops and P&Rs. This way, your employees and visitors can easily find their way to more sustainable mobility. And to your office. Did you know that 58% of employees in Flanders work with Blue-bikes available within 3 km of an NMBS station? It’s about time your company joins our blue wave as well.

Joining Blue-bike is possible in three ways:

  • Main account with sub-accounts for frequent users and vouchers for sporadic users;
  • Personal account for your employees;
  • Purchase of vouchers via MaaS providers such as Olympus Mobility or KBC Mobile.


Blue-bike for businesses

Innumerable benefits

As a Blue-bike member, you have access to all our locations in Belgium. In other words, your employees have a bicycle in their pocket all over the country. Forget lugging a “handy” folding bike or queuing for hours on the Antwerp Ring. As a connection to public transport, there is no better way than to cover the last-mile by bike. Your employees can also spend their time on the train in a relaxing or efficient way. With a refreshing bike ride as dessert, your employees will be ready for action. That is a huge difference from a stressful car ride, scarce parking spaces and unpredictable road works. The kilometre allowance also makes it interesting for your employees to use Blue-bike as a connection to public transport.

A satisfied Blue-bike user has the following to say

“Blue-bike means freedom. No hassle with bikes on the train, easy to use, faster at your destination.”

Ann Matton

Benefits for your company

Not only your employees, but also your company will benefit from a Blue-bike membership. After all, you are putting your sustainable ambitions into action. The Modal Shift has been underway for some time and more and more employees are looking for sustainable alternatives for their professional travel. Moreover, a Blue-bike membership fits in perfectly with your mobility package. Offering Blue-bike to your employees is also 100% tax deductible. With a membership you always ride at the lowest rate. You can request as many personalised subaccounts on one main account as you like. You will automatically receive a monthly statement with all trips per subaccount. You can also log in to the website and manage the data in real time.

Do you regularly get visitors over? Welcome them with open arms and encourage them to use public transport. Offer them a voucher to travel down to your business via public transport.

Blue-bike, the ideal last-mile solution for:

  • Meetings;
  • Lunch appointments;
  • Service trips;
  • Flexible commuting;
  • Sustainable movement of visitors, job applicants …;
  • Relaxation during lunch breaks.


Blue-bike membership and subaccounts

Ready to join our blue fleet? Create an account with your company number and order the ammount of sub-accounts or vouchers you want for your employees.


  • A membership with Blue-bike costs €12 per year.
  • Borrowing is done per day (24-hour period) and costs €2.5 or €3.5 the first day. The price depends on the location. In Deinze, Ninove and Landegem, for example, you ride for free.
  • An overview of the prices per location and surcharges can be found here.

These prices include 6% VAT.


Blue-bike vouchers

Exclusively for companies, Blue-bike also offers vouchers. These allow you to borrow a bicycle for 24 hours with a unique access code.


To purchase unlimited vouchers, make yourself a member as a company and pay €12 per year. You can easily order vouchers by logging in to our website. The account to which the vouchers are linked remains responsible for all rides made and any additional costs.


For many companies, vouchers are the ideal solution because they can order bundles of rides in desired quantities and at a favourable rate.


Ammount of vouchers Price
1 to 49 vouchers € 5 per voucher*
From 50 vouchers € 4.69 per voucher*
From 100 vouchers € 4.38 per voucher*

*These prices are exclusive of 6% VAT.


MaaS (Mobility as a Service)

Renting a Blue-bike is also possible through MaaS providers such as Olympus Mobility or KBC Mobile. The advantage here is that you do not need to take out a Blue-bike membership, but can use your account with the MaaS provider. On the platform, you can also purchase other mobility services such as De Lijn, NMBS, cambio or shared steps. Invoicing and administrative processing are then done via the MaaS provider.

Ready to take a pioneering role in the road to sustainable mobility? Blue-bike is ready for you! We support our corporate customers in further internal communication. Upon request, we provide you with a comprehensive toolkit with information for employees, mail templates, flyers…

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