Bike breakdown whilst out cycling? Call Ethias for assistance

What to do if you suffer a breakdown with a Blue-bike? When you are more than 1.5 kilometres away from the Blue-bike point, you can use the free bike assistance by Ethias. Find out below how and in which case to use it.

When Am I Entitled to Ethias Assistance? 

In the event of a defective Blue-bike due to a traffic accident or bicycle breakdown, Ethias Assistance organizes and pays for the towing of the bicycle and the return of the cyclist to the local Blue-bike point if:

  • you are in Belgium with your Blue-bike,
  • you are more than 1.5 km away from the Blue-bike point,
  • due to a failure (mechanical or electrical), you are prevented from continuing to ride safely (such as a flat tyre, failing lights, a key that cannot be removed from the lock, ...)
  • or in case of an accident with the Blue-bike resulting in a damaged Blue-bike.

If you are seriously injured and need hospitalization, the transport costs to the hospital and to your home afterwards will be borne by Ethias upon presentation of a medical certificate. Please note:

  • You are only entitled to assistance if you are in possession of the key of the Blue-bike. Theft or loss of the key is not covered by the insurance.
  • When you call the Ethias assistance service for pick-up, you need to stay with the Blue-bike yourself.
  • Ethias will not intervene financially if the Blue-bike or yourself are returned by another person.

How To Use Ethias assistance?

  • Call Ethias on 011/ 28 28 28 (or +32 4 220 3040 for a French-speaking service) and provide the following details:
    • bike number (on the back of the mudguard)
    • name and surname
    • location of accident or bicycle breakdown
    • description of accident or bicycle breakdown
    • your mobile number

Afterwards, please send an email to so that we can close your unfinished ride.