Blue-bike, a national bike share scheme

The bike sharing project “Blue-bike” was founded mid 2011 by the former NMBS-holding and FIETS&WERK, to put combined transport into practice. Blue-bike is a bike share scheme with bikes on mobihubs spread across Belgium, with now more than 65 Blue-bike locations. More info: www.blue-bike.be

Blue-mobility (with shareholders De Lijn, FIETS&WERK en TEC) is responsible for the operational functioning and rent of Blue-bikes. Local bike points provide our bike maintenance. The Flemish government supports Blue-bike in partnership with local municipalities by discounting the standard fare (€1,5 instead of €3,5 per 24h). Ethias is a commercial partner who also provides bike assistance to Blue-bike members.  

In 2019 Blue-bike made a total of 276.000 Blue-bike rides with 20 000 member on 65 locations.

A survey of 2013 and 2015, commissioned by De Lijn and done by IPSOS, and the European project BITIBI to which Blue-mobility contributed from 2015 to 2017 offered following insights: 93% of the Blue-bike members use Blue-bike in combination with a train journey. 32% of the Blue-bike rides were not made before the arrival of Blue-bike, or were made by car (22%).