Take a festive photograph featuring your Blue-bike and win 5 free trips

Are you too busy to cycle over Christmas, but would still like a chance to win free trips? Don’t worry! On 20 December, we will give away a total of 25 free Blue-bike trips (5 Blue-bike members have a chance to win 5 trips each). A visit to the Christmas market, or a day out with friends? Any reason to celebrate is a good reason, as long as it involves a Blue-bike!

The only thing you need to do is to send your festive photo featuring a Blue-bike to info@blue-bike.be, with the indication “photo competition”, between 13 and 18 December 2018.


Competition rules
ARTICLE 1. The public limited company Blue-mobility (hereinafter referred to as “the Organiser”), organises a campaign without purchase obligation that will start on Thursday 13 December 2018 at 00:00h and end on Tuesday, 18 December at 23:59h.
ARTICLE 2. Participation in this competition is open to any person who is at least 14 years old, and who is a member of Blue-bike. The General Terms and Conditions of the Organiser apply to this campaign.
ARTICLE 3. The Organiser is at any time entitled to exclude a person from participating in the photo campaign organised by the Organiser for a certain period of time in the event of an infringement of one of the participation conditions or in the case of misuse, deception or participation in the campaign in bad faith.
ARTICLE 4. For the valid participation in the competition, the participant must take a “festive” (to be interpreted by the user himself) photograph of a Blue-bike, or have such a photo taken. The photographs taken and uploaded must comply with the following conditions: The photographs may not provoke, or come across as discriminating or offensive.The bike must be pictured somewhere in the photograph. Each participant can upload several photographs. A photograph may picture several people. Only photographs sent to info@blue-bike.be can win.  Each participant may forward several photographs but can only win one prize. Photographs that are out of focus or that are sent after 18 December will be considered as void.The organiser cannot be held responsible for any technical problems with the website and/or the mail system. The organiser cannot be held liable for any incompatibility between the technologies used for the competition and the hardware and/or software configuration that is used by the participant. Participation is exclusively nominative, and the participant may under no circumstances participate under different pseudonyms or on behalf of other participants.
ARTICLE 5. The public limited company Blue-mobility and any other intervening person or company cannot be held liable if, due to force majeure, certain modalities of this competition would be required to be amended.
ARTICLE 6. The prize of the competition is: 25 Blue-bike trips in the form of voucher codes (split over 5 participants). These prizes are non-transferrable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable in cash. The winners will be announced on 20 December 2018 by e-mail, and they will be contacted personally in connection with the delivery of their prize, i.e. five free trips. The winners will be awarded their prize through their online account, where they will be able to review the voucher codes. When the voucher codes expire, the winners will no longer be entitled to their prize. All 25 voucher codes will be valid for 6 months.
ARTICLE 7. The five winning participants will be selected on the basis of a draw. Only photographs that meet the conditions can win (see Article 4).
ARTICLE 8. Except in the case provided for in the rules, the participants will not send any correspondence, nor will any communication by telephone take place. Only the winners will be contacted by e-mail.
ARTICLE 9. The Organisers of this competition reserve the right to modify the campaign or its process if this is justified by unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond their will. They cannot be held liable if, due to circumstances beyond their control, the competition would be interrupted, postponed or cancelled.
ARTICLE 10. The mere participation in this competition implies acceptance of these rules without any reservations, and no disputes whatsoever regarding the competition will be considered. Any complaint in connection with this competition must be addressed in writing to the registered office of the Organiser within 7 working days following the end of the competition. Under no circumstances whatsoever will complaints be handled verbally or by telephone. Complaints submitted outside this deadline or that are not presented in writing will not be handled.
ARTICLE 11. Participants who would like to receive a copy of these rules should include an envelope addressed to themselves and with sufficient postage with their request, and send it to: Blue-mobility plc, Carnotstraat 39, 2060 Antwerp, with the indication ‘Competition rules Blue-bike photo competition’.
ARTICLE 12. The data of the participants should already be contained in a Blue-Mobility NV database. The participants have the right of access and the right of correction with regard to their data, as well as the right to oppose the use of their data for marketing purposes.The user has the right to refuse the processing of his personal data, to gain access to this data and to request the correction thereof.