Earn your Christmas gift by...cycling

Family celebration, out and about with friends, or just out for some fresh air,…What are you doing at Christmas? Here's a tip for you already: use Blue-bike to reach your destination, as we would like to give you another (sustainable) gift this year. We will give you the gift of a free Blue-bike ride if you cycle with a Blue-bike on Christmas day (25 December 2018). This means you can earn your own Christmas present. Should you ever be in doubt, it's always worth cycling. Enjoy the festive period!


Promotional terms
Art. 1. The free ride will be awarded in the form of a voucher code which will be added to the user's personal online account. To receive the free ride, the user must enter this voucher code in the key distributor.
Art. 2. Users starting a ride on 25 December 2018 between 00:00 and 23:59 will receive their voucher code.
Art. 3. The voucher code may be activated only once and entitles the user to hire one Blue-bike.
Art. 4. The voucher code entitles the user to a Blue-bike ride of 24 hours. After 24 hours the usual rates will apply. The user shall bear any additional costs, such as not returning the Blue-bike to the original rental location or for long-term use of the Blue-bike.
Art. 5. The general terms and conditions of Blue-bike apply when using the voucher code received.
Art. 6. The voucher code is valid for a maximum of 3 months after issue.
Art. 7. Vouchers used by new members who joined at the bike point do not count as rental, as these vouchers are not yet connected to a subscription.
Art. 8. Voucher codes are placed on the user's account two weeks after the promotion.
Art. 9. The voucher code can be used at any location, regardless of the relevant rate at that location. The vouchers are worth a maximum of 3.15 euros.