Borrow 2 smart Blue-bikes at the same time

Good news: you can now borrow 2 smart Blue-bikes at the same time. Read the instructions below. Our bikes with key locks can of course still be used in pairs as well.

Borrowing two bikes via the Blue-bike app

The easiest way to borrow a smart bike is via the Blue-bike app. Go to a Blue-bike location and open the scan function in the app. Tap the saddle of a smart bike and scan the QR code on the handlebar plate. Repeat to borrow a second bike. And off you go!

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blue-bike app

Pausing your ride

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Taking a break along the way? Or have you arrived at your destination? Then close the lock by tilting the knob towards the lock (1) and pushing it down (2). You will hear a beep when the lock has closed correctly. As soon as you resume your journey, you can reopen the lock with the app. Repeat for the second bike.

Please pay attention if you borrow two bikes and don't stay together.

You can lock both bikes separately, but to resume your ride, you will need either the previously used Blue-bike card or access to the user profile in the app. So make sure you agree in advance on who is going to take the card and who is going to use the app.

Need urgent help with your lock? Then send a text message to 8686:
BLEU + location + your problem.

Ending your ride

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To end your ride, simply place your bike in the bike rack at the location where you borrowed it and manually close the lock. You will hear a short beep. Your bike will recognise its Blue-bike location and your ride will end automatically. You do not need your card or the app for this. You can also return the two bikes at different times.

Do you prefer to use your card?

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You can also borrow two smart bikes with your Blue-bike card. Tap the saddle of a smart bike and hold your card against the lock to open it. Repeat for a second bike, using the same card.